Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Living With Food Allergies

In the past few weeks my precious butterfly has been to see an allergy doctor. At our first visit she had a scratch test done testing for milk and egg. Both were positive, in the picture the upper left is milk and the upper right is egg below on the lower left is the histamine and the lower right is the control.
After that visit I began to feel discouraged because I was and am still breastfeeding. Not only could she not have it neither could I. I called her pediatrician and requested a referral for a nutritionist for her.

We got the referral and last Wednesday we saw a nutritionist, however the night prior while eating dinner she broke out in hives all over her face...

I immediately gave her Benadryl and called the allergists office in hopes that there was a doctor on call. I spoke with another doctor and was told that she should be fine but to call the office in the morning to get an appointment. I called the next morning and got in with the doctor I spoke to on the phone the night prior. I brought the packaging for the items we had eaten the night prior. He said we needed her to have additional testing for beef, pork, wheat, rice, and soy. Unfortunately, since she had Benadryl the night prior we had to wait a few days for the testing...

You can now follow my new blog regarding this issue and the results of the second round of testing:  Cooking With Multiple Food Allergies: http://foodallergiesandbreastfeeding.blogspot.com

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