Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Little Man's Almost 3!!!!

It's hard for me to believe that Little Man's going to be turning 3 in February.  I find it hard because he is growing so fast, but looking back over these past few years, we've see lots of growth.
Moments after birth 7lbs 7oz
A few days old in the same cradle I used when I was a baby hand made by mom's dad (RIP Grandpa Joe)
2 Photos of Little Man The one on top is a few weeks old and the one on the bottom is hubby with us the day he went back to work for the first time since Little Man's birth.

As time progressed, the first few months were very difficult for him and weight gain was difficult.  At 3 months or so he was diagnosed as failing to thrive and had reflux too.  Gaining weight was so hard that he started solids at 5 1/5 months old.  After starting solids he finally started to gain weight.

Here he is at 6 months old on a weekend trip to our family summer house, also in the picture is my cousin who was there spending the weekend too.  He was helping me roast a marshmallow.  It was his first trip and so far been his only trip...

Here's his first sippy cup at nine months old, he seemed to not like that cup.  It did take a while for us to find him a sippy he likes.  Even now we are still trying...but I think we have found a winner and a non-leaker!
His first Halloween.  We took him to a friend's home for a party.  The little girl on the floor is 5 days younger than Little Man.  We dressed him as a Count, he had red skulls on his cape.  After a bit, I did change him into a "My First Halloween" onesie with matching orange pants.
His first Thanksgiving, that was a bittersweet holiday since earlier that week I had lost my job due to missing too much work.  I missed too much work because I had to care for my son.  Also the day before I lost my job Little Man had surgery to correct the Hypospadius birth defect.  He was hurting and both hubby and I were trying to figure out what we were going to do.
First Christmas, this was his first gift and he loved it.  He couldn't sleep without it.  Even now, he needs Scout to go to bed with him. 
First time out to play in the snow.  He's doing my favorite thing, sticking his tongue out to catch snowflakes.  This was taken in January of 2011.
We made it, his first birthday!!!!  It was a very happy day, everyone was there to celebrate his birthday.  We went with Winnie the Pooh theme for his birthday.  By this point he was doign amazing with his growth and development.
This was taken after we set up his toddler bed.  My in-laws bought it for him so that once Precious Butterfly was born she could sleep in the crib.  He picked out his bedding on his own.
Here he is at Easter, he was walking very well and wearing a suit for the first time.  He was growing so fast before my very eyes.
This was taken in June of 2011 after a Sprinkle Shower for me for the upcoming birth of Precious Butterfly.  It was at my in-laws' home and it was nice to celebrate with my friends and a few of my family members.

This was a month before Precious Butterfly was born.  He's at my mom and dad's house.  That's my mom (his Memere) outside at his little pool they bought just for him.  He's so pale skinned like me and such a happy boy.
The day Precious Butterfly was born...He was such a big boy!  I'm so lucky to have him in my life.

(Top) Here he is holding Precious Butterfly one morning after getting up.  He loves her so much. (Bottom) Here we are a t Story Land in Glen, NH.  We decided to take a trip to have some fun.  He loved the statue and was dancing to the music.  I'm in the background breastfeeding Precious Butterfly.

This was his first Halloween that he went Trick-Or-Treating (my sister and her husband took him since hubby was working that night.  He was a giraffe (my sister bought the costume).  It was fun for him, he didn't get much candy, but he had a good time.
This was his second visit to meet Santa at the church Christmas Fair (held in November), at first he was shy, but once Precious Butterfly was with Santa he wanted to sit with Santa too.

Christmas, and man did he have a good time.  He love the remote control car that hubby had bought for him.

His second birthday, it was fun.  He had cupcakes instead of a cake.  I loved his shirt more than anything.  He looked like a little man and that shirt was paired with jeans that just completed his outfit.

This was just a few weeks ago when we went apple picking as a family with my in-laws.  It was Little Man's first trip and certainly won't be his last.

He's grown quite a bit and I'm sad to see him turn 3, but happy at the same time.  Time does fly by fast and I try to cherish every moment of it and hope that I can help make pleasant memories for him to look back on as he gets older. 

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