Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Let the Cookies Bake!

Today Little Man and I  made our first batch of cookies!  We made Snickerdoodles!  We had a little spill in the beginning, but it was fun.  After I assisted him in pouring all the ingredients into my mom's Kitchen Aid Mixer instead of locking it (it's the only switch he's allowed to touch) he turned on the mixer and some of the dry ingredients went all over the table.

I thought it was funny and he was shocked by it.  Right now he's napping and I'm planning on making the dough for more cookies and that way he can help me tomorrow make them.  I also want to make some brownies that are safe for Precious Butterfly.  I'm still deciding on how I'll make them and which ingredients I'll use so that it's safe for her.

This year we are planning on giving cookies to some of our neighbors just because they are so nice, especially the older couple that live below us.  They love hearing the kids run around and the occasional bangs from falls and stuff being dropped.  They say it reminds them of being at home; they even invited us down to their place for hot chocolate sometime.  I think once we're done baking all the different cookies, we'll be giving them some.

So that was today's adventure for baking so far...until tomorrow!

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