Friday, April 19, 2013

It's Been a Week...

It's been a week since Little Man was diagnosed...I still feel overwhelmed because I have so many things flying around inside my head. 

On Wednesday we saw his pediatrician.  We went to see if he has a murmur and if we needed to see a pediatric cardiologist.  His doctor heard what is termed as a venous hum; however that's not say that there is a murmur or not.  So we are going to have to go and see the pediatric cardiologist to be certain that everything is okay. 

On Thursday we saw his pediatric GI doctor.  This was just to check in and see where things are in regards to his reflux and constipation.  We also discussed the additional diagnoses that he's received and the results of his swallow study.  We now go back in 12 weeks for another follow-up. 

We finally have an appointment to see the pediatric ENT at the end of May.  I hope that he has some answers for us.  Hopefully he can tell us what will happen and if he'll need surgery to correct it. 

Now as for Precious Butterfly, I haven't forgotten about her.  We actually have more going on with her too.  She was evaluated a week ago by early intervention (EI) and it was discovered that she qualifies for speech therapy both her expressive and receptive speech is approximately around 12 months of age.  So today was her first speech therapy session; luckily we got Little Man's former speech therapist so everyone is comfortable.

During my talks with the child developmental specialist about Little Man I mentioned how Precious Butterfly has had a speech regression and getting her in to see the developmental pediatrician sooner rather than later.  We've been waiting since February for an appointment after she failed the MCHAT at her 18 month check up.  The developmental pediatrician wants to see her during the regression.  Now I have learned from what little research that I've done, that there is a genetic component to Autism, her failing the MCHAT has set off a red flag for possible Autism; we are seeing the developmental pediatrician May 1st I am looking forward to seeing what he has to say about her.

You may be wondering how hubby and I are handling this...well...I can say that it is hard to digest all of his diagnoses, but I am relieved that we finally have answers to what we've been going through with Little Man.  Hubby hasn't fully had it sink in...however, I think that's because he's torn about being with me for the appointments and being at work.  It's pretty much my job to do the research, inform him of what I discover, keep him posted regarding appointments, and answering his questions as best I can.  Luckily my family is being supportive through all of may be wondering about my in-laws, well there's not too much to say.  We informed them a week ago of the diagnoses and all that my father-in-law said was "wow" to each thing we said.  We really haven't spoken with them this week about all the appointments we've got/been to.  I have a feeling either my father-in-law will call hubby tonight or at some point tomorrow.

I hope that as a family we can get through this and adjust accordingly to what each of my babies need.  I plan to post as often as I can, but sometimes I get distracted and don't get to sit down at the computer to post.  I plan on posting at least once a week if not more.

Even though it's Friday, next week is April vacation...that means Little Man will not be going to preschool...let's hope that we have a good week.

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